Date: 21 September 2017

Good Food Ventures

Location: San Francisco


TPW members are invited to join TPW and Arabella Advisors, a leading philanthropic advisory firm, for the inaugural year of Good Food Ventures. Designed as a graduate course on impact investing in the food system, Good Food Ventures will provide an opportunity for impact investors and philanthropists who care about food to have access to deals, due diligence and a network of like-minded individuals to learn with.

Numerous challenges in the US food system include pervasive food waste, inefficient and harmful agricultural practices, and inequitable access to healthy food.  On the solution side, much needs to be done on a regulatory level, producers need better incentives for healthier practices, and consumers need more education and options to improve our overall food system. In addition, there are numerous innovative entrepreneurs looking to fundamentally improve our food system, but they need capital and experience to get there.

Arabella Advisors has identified an opportunity to invest in companies with the potential for broad commercial success that improve the supply chain as a result of their normal operations. Their team has studied a pipeline of over 200 deals spanning companies that provide healthy meals to underserved schoolchildren, to circular farming and aquaponics systems, to plant based healthy food alternatives, to technology that turns waste into valuable resources. 

Good Food Ventures expands on TPW’s mission to provide philanthropists with cutting edge education by also offering opportunities for immediate impact and funding. TPW has partnered with Arabella on this initiative and will be providing the educational programming for the convenings.

Whether you're interested in food sustainability or simply eager for a deep-dive practicum on Impact Investing, we invite you to join the tremendous cohort coming together for this “investment club." Click here for additional information and email Liz Sweet at to learn more.