Date: 03 October 2017

Journalism, Media and the Role of Philanthropy

Location: San Francisco


The media is a critical pillar of democracy and of open societies - but faced with a perfect storm of technology, economics and politics, it has never been under greater pressure. We know informally that many TPW members are wondering whether and how supporting the media might fit with their own philanthropic goals. TPW has designed a one-day programme to help you start to consider and answer those questions.

With a roster of leading expert speakers from journalism, philanthropy, advocacy, documentary and technology, this Learning Day will introduce you to:

- the key big-picture issues impacting on the media internationally today
- the main ways that philanthropists and foundations support the media currently
- current thinking on how to measure the impact of journalism and media

The programme will close with a facilitated session on how to work more effectively with the media within your own philanthropic strategies, followed by an informal networking dinner for members interested in networking with their peer TPW members.

Speakers include leading journalists from the Financial Times, the Guardian, the BBC and the Bureau for Investigative Journalism, as well as philanthropist Elaine Potter, media analyst Claire Enders and academic Charlie Beckett from LSE; donors Google, Omidyar Network and Humanity United, and Jess Search from Britdoc and Adam Thomas from the European Journalism Centre.

TPW Media Discussion in partnership with the Global Philanthropy Circle (GPC)
Is philanthropy crucial for the future of journalism?
October 3, 2017
San Francisco (exact location to be confirmed)
1:00 - 5:00pm followed by a reception
Fee: $250

This program will consider the changing landscape of media: with fewer journalists, less local news, and growing lack of confidence in the accuracy of journalism, how can citizens around the world access critical information? It is clear the current business model is broken:  70% of newsrooms have laid off 70% journalists. Fewer people are covering the news, and the news cycle is shorter. If we depend on independent reporting for democracy, what role can and should philanthropy play in filling the gap and supporting this new landscape?

Learning objectives and key questions to consider:

Understand the current landscape of media, including the business of media and how people access information as well as new digital frontiers for the form.

What holds back media and journalism from achieving its intended outcomes; what’s missing?

Explore the intersection of philanthropy and journalism. What does this relationship look like? What should it be? Does philanthropy have a role to play in the long term financial sustainability of journalism?

Deepen your knowledge of new models in media and journalism and what they need to succeed.

Consider how to amplify marginalized voices and bring new stories to the fore through supporting capacity building and investing in innovative global platforms.

Examine what is needed to shore up media’s role as a watchdog for democracy.

Build a network of peers to help you in your ongoing philanthropy practice.

Speakers include:

-Keynote on the future of media and journalism from Vivian Schiller: former president and CEO of National Public Radio, and former head of news and journalism partnerships at Twitter.
-CALMatters, Dave Lesher, co-founder, CEO and Editor
-Global Press Institute
-Orb Media


Please note this programme is for philanthropists and Foundation Directors only.