Lisa Wolverton

Chair, UK & US Boards

Lisa Wolverton is co-owner of the Pacific Investment Corporation, a family-owned real estate holdings and investment company. She  is an active philanthropist and advocate of women and children. She is the founder and president of the Canadian nonprofit, GenerationChild. Lisa also chaired the international conference, The Next Billion: Women and the Economy of the Future. She is also managing director of the Wolverton Foundation, a private family foundation dedicated to elevating exposure to the arts and facilitating artistic programs for those children who would otherwise be excluded from these opportunities. Lisa is a current member of the International Advisory Board of The Philanthropy Workshop.  She served on the Board of Directors of UNICEF Canada for six years. She is a former member of the President’s Council and is an ongoing supporter of the International Crisis Group, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing and resolving deadly conflict. She is also an active mentor for the Loran Scholarship Foundation of Canada.