TPW Intensive

"The TPW course was, without question, the most important single contributor to our philanthropic engagement. Put simply, it is the most valuable course I have ever undertaken and I could not recommend it more highly."

-Nicholas Ferguson, Chairman, Sky plc

"TPW gave me my lighting bolt. A specific structure and path to take my passions, thoughts and ideas through... to enable me to have the impact I want to have, on the issues I care about!"

-Sam Branson, Social Entrepreneur, Adventurer and Philanthropist

TPW is confident that the promise of philanthropy—pursued with humility and care—is magnified with knowledge gleaned through lifelong learning, practice, and shared experience about what works to make a difference. It's more than being generous—it's about investing time and private capital to create a better world for others.

Each member first participates in the 'TPW Intensive,' our flagship workshop comprised of three rigorous week-long modules in different parts of the world—with a confidential forum of fellow philanthropists, and the top thinkers and leaders in philanthropy—as a means of acquiring the knowledge, skills, and networks necessary to become purpose-driven, outcome-oriented change agents.

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