Who We Are

The leader in strategic philanthropy education and networking

The Philanthropy Workshop is the leader in ongoing strategic philanthropy education and networking, inspiring individuals and families to give better. Our members invest their time, talent, treasure, and networks as a means of effecting purpose-driven, sustainable change.

Our Mission

Inspire, transform and catalyze

The Philanthropy Workshop inspires, transforms, and catalyzes a network of effective philanthropists as a means to a more just, sustainable, and enriching world.

How to get involved

Develop a framework for your strategic philanthropy

Each member participates in our flagship workshop comprised of three rigorous weeklong modules in different parts of the world—with a confidential forum of fellow philanthropists, and the top thinkers and leaders in philanthropy—as a means of acquiring the knowledge, skills, and networks necessary to become purpose-driven, outcome-oriented change agents.

What We Do

Ongoing learning and collaboration

TPW members engage in lifelong learning and collaboration through TPW's educational programs and network events. TPW leverages the strengths of our members and other forward-thinking philanthropists, advisors, and our founding organizations, including the Rockefeller and Hewlett Foundations and the Institute for Philanthropy, to bring educational programming that inspires and engages our members and other stakeholders beyond our network.


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