Finding Strength at Shadow’s Edge

For many young people who struggle with chronic or serious illness and disability, the weight of their health challenge is ever-present, yet no one is talking about the dark or scary side of their situations, let alone giving young people a tool to grow from their experience. That was until Shadow’s Edge, the first-ever mobile game for teens with health and similar challenges, was released by TPW member Sheri Sobrato Brisson.

Using the metaphor of reviving a city struck by a storm, Shadow’s Edge guides the player through a process of self-inquiry within an edgy, urban gaming environment. Players express themselves through covering their city in graffiti as they create their personal journal and discover inspiration from teens in similar situations along the way.

Offered for free download and played on any phone or tablet, Shadow’s Edge empowers young people to discover their personal story and find the courage to express themselves authentically as they live with significant medical issues. Shadow’s Edge helps teens build their emotional endurance to tackle the challenges they face through the power of their personal narrative. Teens are engaged through their medium—technology—to come to terms with their experience. Become immersed in the game world by watching the launch video here.

Through game play, teen players realize they needn’t stay in a darkness—they have the power to reshape their world into whatever they choose. Through their expression, they can create beauty where there was once dilapidation — There can be light; there can be color; there can be hope. And, there can be a community.

Shadow’s Edge was created by Resonance House, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Community Foundation Silicon Valley. Visit to donate and please, encourage teens in need to give Shadow’s Edge a try and download for free on the App Store or Google Play. For opportunities for corporate sponsorships, technology partnerships, or nonprofit collaborations seeking to provide expanded content for new player audiences, please contact Sheri directly at

Sheri Sobrato Brisson is a member of The Philanthropy Workshop and Founder and Executive Director of Shadow’s Edge.

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