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TPW is confident that the promise of philanthropy—pursued with humility and care—is magnified with knowledge gleaned through lifelong learning, practice, and shared experience about what works to make a difference. It’s more than being generous—it’s about investing time and private capital to create a better world for others.
All TPW members complete the flagship Cohort Program to develop their own framework for practicing strategic philanthropy. If you are interested in learning more, contact us.

Cohort Program

Each member first participates in our flagship workshop comprised of three rigorous week-long modules in different parts of the world—with a confidential forum of fellow philanthropists, and the top thinkers and leaders in philanthropy—as a means of acquiring the knowledge, skills, and networks necessary to become purpose-driven, outcome-oriented change agents.

This program includes up to 14 participants and takes place over the course of 12 months. You will kick off Module One in London, and then travel to Cambodia (2019) for Module Two, and finally to the San Francisco Bay Area for Module Three. Please note that the location of Module 2 changes each year. 

Module 1 - Developing a Framework for Strategic Philanthropy

Key principles covered by the module include:

  • Understanding a conceptual framework for devising strategy in philanthropy
  • The opportunity to apply that framework through written case studies and a ‘living case study’
  • Insights into a range of ways in which philanthropists can support change or conservation including venture philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, and impact investing
  • The opportunity to begin developing philanthropic mission statements

Module 2 - Collaborating across Borders: Global Philanthropy

Based in Cambodia in 2019, Module 2 offers a unique and hands-on field learning experience, allowing you to consider philanthropy’s role in supporting development and how to transfer innovation across borders.

Key principles covered by the module include:

  • Insights into a particular country’s key social, economic, and developmental dynamics, and how these compare with those of other developing nations
  • Building understanding of key local issues affecting the geography
  • The opportunity to see a variety of scalable and transferable innovations for impacting these local issues, and to learn about how they might be transferred or replicated in other geographies.

Module 3 - Putting Strategic Philanthropy in Action

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Module 3 synthesizes the experiences of Modules 1 and 2, and focuses on putting the strategic philanthropy lessons learnt, into action.

Key principles covered by the module include:

  • Leadership in the non-profit sector and the opportunity to undertake a shadowing exercise
  • A strategy defense exercise designed to hone learning developed over the year and identify practical actions you can take to begin putting your strategy into practice
  • Ways to leverage impact in philanthropy through advocacy funding and participate in a ‘living case study on advocacy
  • Attendance at the TPW Annual Member Retreat – an opportunity to start to build your network and learn from your peers in a meaningful way, early on.

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