From Cohort To Community

Your TPW Journey

TPW brings the best of transformative learning experiences, a vibrant and dynamic community of global changemakers, and a platform for collaboration and collective action.

In your first year, you will join the TPW Cohort, our signature learning journey built on over 25 years of experience in strategic philanthropy education. The Cohort is designed to equip you with the core principles, knowledge, and skills you need to have impact in the world, and to help you form accountability partners who will support and energize you on the journey ahead.

You will then move from learning to action in our TPW Community, encompassing a diverse range of member- and partner-led programs. Home to an abundance of experience, talent and ambition, the TPW Community will support your continuous learning, inspiration and progress for years to come.

All TPW programs are based on the Strategic Roadmap and our Community Culture of trust and challenge. Read below to learn more:

The TPW Cohort: Learning with trusted peers

TPW’s initial learning arc, The Cohort, includes three groups of programs designed for members to build the knowledge, language, skills, connections, and strategic focus required to make the most of the TPW Community. Members participate in at least one of each type of program within your first year, when possible! 

The Cohort consists of three steps with the following objectives:

Step 1. Essentials

As a first step, all new members attend one of our Essentials Programs. These programs introduce the core principles and practices that TPW believes are essential for strategic philanthropists and social investors.

Step 2. Community

After attending an Essentials Program, Community Programs apply what you have learned in the Essentials through engagement with real-world case studies and learning from practitioners, partners, and fellow members. This group of programs includes Global Convenings and Learning Journeys.

  • Global Convenings: The Summit takes place in person in March, bringing the whole Community together with sector partners to share big ideas and accelerate systemic collaboration. 
  • Learning Journeys: taking place throughout the year, located across the world and closer to home, TPW’s Journeys take you on a deep dive into a specific case study, helping you get proximate and learn from practitioners on the frontlines. In general, Global Journeys apply a geographic lens for discovery while Immersion Journeys expand on a specific topic or issue area.

Step 3. Action

Moving from theory to action is one of the most important, but most difficult parts of the philanthropic journey. Action Programs assist you to articulate your strategy, develop an action plan, and generate feedback from your peers, preparing you to take your next steps in maximizing social impact.

The TPW Community: Putting learning into practice

There are many other programmes beyond the Cohort to help you continue your learning and help you move towards action, including:

  • Regional Convenings: opportunities to connect and collaborate with peers in your region, including virtual Breakfast Clubs, in-person receptions, deep dives and local site visits.
  • Global Convenings: including the Gathering – an annual member-only programme that creates an intimate space for the most difficult conversations.
  • Action Labs: groups of members united by a shared thematic interest or ambition, who meet regularly and collaborate towards a shared set of goals.

Beyond programs, being part of the Community gives you access to:

  • Strategic Connections: with our growing Community of over 350 members, as well as sector partners, experts, and social change leaders across the world.
  • Guides & Resources: including the Essentials Guidebook, a 101 of core principles and practices in strategic philanthropy.
  • Thought Leadership Platforms: including speaking opportunities in programs, support to create new Peer Groups and Action Labs, and opportunities to influence peers and advocate for change.
  • Marketplace: connecting to curated funding opportunities.

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