Meet Our Speakers

At the TPW Global Summit, you will be joined by over 40 world-class guest speakers. Our speakers are social investors and philanthropists; community leaders and TPW members; artists and data aficionados; founders and issue-area experts; and most importantly, our speakers are committed to collaborating on solving the world’s most pressing social issues.

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Anne Avis

TPW Member and Board Member of KQED Public Media, Global Press and Internews

Jessi Baker

Founder & CEO, Provenance

Dan Berelowitz

Founder & CEO, Spring Impact

Chad Boettcher

Founder & President, True North Media

Terry Gamble Boyer

TPW Member, Author, and Philanthropist

Stephan Chambers

Director and Professor in Practice, Marshall Institute for Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship

Elliott Donnelley

TPW Member and Founder & Principal Managing Director, White Sand Investor Group, LP

Obi Felten

Director, X, Google

Kathryn Finney

Founder & CEO, digitalundivided

Jonathan Foley

Executive Director, Project Drawdown

Willy Foote

Founder & CEO, Root Capital

Marina Gorbis

Executive Director, Institute for the Future

Alexsis de Raadt St. James

TPW Member and Founder & Managing Partner, Merian Ventures

Judy Jordan

TPW Member and Founder, Capra Vineyards

Harbrinder Kang

Senior Director, Corporate Affairs, Cisco

Tim Kashani

Co-Founder, Apples and Oranges Studios

Pamela Kashani

Co-Founder, Apples and Oranges Studios

Michael Kieschnick

Cofounder, Former CEO and Board Member, CREDO/Working Assets

Charles Knowles

TPW Member and President & Co-Founder, Wildlife Conservation Network

Noah Manduke

Founder & President, Durable Good

Sheila Marcelo

Founder & CEO,

Lenny Mendonca

Senior Partner Emeritus, McKinsey; Board Member, New America

Cindy Mercer

TPW Member and Co-Founder & Vice President, Planet Heritage Foundation

Ernest Moniz

Co-Chair and Chief Executive Officer, NTI

Dean Ornish

Founder & President, Preventive Medicine Research Institute

Dominic Orr

TPW Member and CEO & President, Aruba Networks

John Prendergast

Founder, Enough Project

Fran Perrin

TPW Member and Founder & Director, Indigo Trust

William Perrin

TPW Member, Founder, Talk About Local, and Trustee, Good Things Foundation, Indigo Trust, and 360Giving

Amy Rao

TPW Member and Founder & CEO, Integrated Archive Systems

Ehren Reed

Measurement Expert and Advisor

Rob Reich

Professor, Stanford University, Director, Center for Ethics in Society, Co-Director, Stanford PACS

Sudnya Shroff

TPW Member, Author, Artist, and Catalyst

Anne Marie Slaughter

President & CEO, New America

Lynne Smitham

TPW Member and Founder, The Kiawah Trust

Peter Sullivan

TPW Member, Founder and CEO, Clear Light Ventures, Inc and Environmental Health Funder

Fred Swaniker

TPW Member and Director, Metanoia Fund

Ralph Taylor

TPW Member and Director, Metanoia Fund

Lisa Wolverton

TPW Board Chair and Managing Director, Wolverton Foundation

Oren Yakobovich

Founder & CEO, Videre

Danielle York

Managing Director, 21/64

Andrew Youn

Founder & Executive Director, One Acre Fund

Jessica Zitter, M.D.

TPW Member, Medical Practitioner, and Author

Mark Zitter

TPW Member and Founder & Chair, The Zetema Project


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